USBC Coaching Certification Program

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Coaching certification Program for Level 1, Bronze and Silver Level is being offered globally. by USBC International Bowling Ambassador, Coaching Instructor and International bowling Legend, Paeng Nepomuceno.

Paeng was invited by the United States Bowling Congress to grow and promote the sport of bowling around the world.

As a USBC Coaching Instructor, Paeng teaches Level I, Bronze and Silver classes around the world. The coaches Paeng trains and certifies through the USBC program will develop bowlers in the region, some of whom could become top level competitors.

Program Introduction

  1. LEVEL 1

    The successful completion of Level 1 is the pre-requisite to entering the Bronze Level Certification Program.

    This 8-hour module will be held on Day One.

    Level 1 will introduce the fundamentals of coaching beginning bowling athletes. It covers the roles and responsibilities of a coach, the mental game and equipment. It provides attendees with the tools they can use in their center's programs to help their beginning bowling athletes "keep the ball on the lanes, knock down the pins, and have fun."


    This is an intermediate level of training & certification designed for individuals wanting to increase their coaching skills and professionalism.

    This program is held over two days.

    The Bronze Level Certification Program focuses on coaching fundamentals and will cover:

    • Pedagogy of coaching
    • Fine tuning the physical game
    • Lane conditions and adjustments
    • The mental game
    • Components of the bowling ball
    • Dynamics of ball motion
    • Two Handed Bowling
    • Videotaping
    • Video analysis
    • Giving a lesson

    This 3-day conference is an advanced level of training & certification designed for individuals wanting to increase their coaching skills and professionalism to the advanced level. This course is recommended for collegiate coaches.

    The Silver Level Certification conference focuses on advanced techniques and skills and will cover:

    • Finite adjustments to physical game
    • Building a bowling ball arsenal
    • Advanced lane adjustments
    • Matching ball surfaces to lane conditions
    • Advanced mental game concepts
    • Video analysis
    • Establishing and using a practice plan to develop and increase the options a bowler may use in competition
    • Two handed bowling